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Sunday, February 22, 2009

This is only for money

Hey All,

I am back to blogging. It has been long 14 months, I was away from this world. My previous encounter with the blogging world was becoz' wanted to share my feelings. And this time, it's "Only for Money". I plan to share, ifs and buts of money world that I know. It will be nothing from heart, it will only be practical matters. If you find, I am committing a mistake, you will benefit as you shall definitely stay away from that. If I am on a positive way, you may follow. But this is with a note: "All practices, notes etc. discussed here are only a opinion. Whether to follow them are individual's decision. The author's shall not be liable for any profit / loss through those practices."

So keep on tracking the page. Till then CYA...

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