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Saturday, May 8, 2010

My experience with Infolinks In-text advertising

Did you notice it? Few of words on this webpage carry a double underline and a link is associated with them. These links expand when cursor is brought over them. These are in-text advertises powered by Infolinks. As per the information with me, Infolinks now serves more than 250 million unique users and its ad network continues to expand at a dizzying pace. In this article, I intend to share my experience with Infolinks in-text advertising. The purpose of this article is to serve as a source of information for website owners and administrators, who are looking forward to make their webpages more interesting or want to earn some easy dollars from their efforts. The article is purely based on my own experience published with due permissions from Infolinks representative.

My first encounter with in-text advertising was about five months back. Eager to know more about the concept, I started my experiment with two available options at http://shakes-forever.blogspot.com/ . One of the two was Infolinks. I dropped the other since it was not financially pleasing. Satisfied with the experience, now I have added these to my other pages at http://need-junction.blogspot.com/ and http://flipsideopinion.blogspot.com/ . Though I have not yet received my first earning from Infolinks but whatever amount accumulated in the account is enough looking at the very less effort that is required for integrating Infolinks to the webpages.

4 things, I liked about Infolinks in-text advertising:
  1. Easy Integration Process: Once the account is created and website is added to the account, the integration code can be found under the tab "Integration Guide". It is approximately 5 lines of HTML code, which is to be added to the website to enable Infolinks for that website.
  2. Color Theme match and Ability to set maximum number of linked words:  The double underlined word appear in the color chosen by the integrator. An intelligent integrator would match the color to the theme of her webpage. This can be done at "Advanced Integration Wizard" tab available under "Integration Guide " Tab. Also available at the tab is the variable parameter for max. number of links. One can set this parameter as whole number between 1 to 12. (Also there are many other customisations available)
  3. Advertise relevance: The advertises associated with the words are not only relevant to the content and meaning of the word but also to the region from where the user is approaching these words. For example, Indian and German users at my webpages have reported that they see words getting associated with the information in their respective regions.
  4. Some handsome silent cash: Last but not the least, the in-text advertises powered by Infolinks, serve as a source of some handsome silent cash for the website owners. This is a good value for the little effort put into integrating Infolinks into the website.
4 things, I feel that can be improved about Infolinks in-text advertising:
  1. The "Sign-In" page: You type in the username and password. Now as a habit, if you press enter then you expect to start the log-in process. But this do not happen at Infolinks log-in page. Rather one has to manually click the "Login" button.
  2. Activity on a click: When clicked, the advertiser's content is loaded in the same page. Rather than this, it would be appreciated when this content gets loaded in a different webpage. With this, the users of webpage can continue with their job at my webpage and also get informed about the advertiser's content.
  3. Display of the Link-content: User at my webpages liked it when the linked words drove them to a page similar to some search-engine results rather than those liked directly to the advertiser's website.
  4. Multiple links to same advertiser: It is often observed that multiple words from the same webpage are linked to the same advertiser during the single display. Rather than this, it would be appreciated if any advertiser's link appears for only one set of linked words at that time of display. In my opinion, this would build an image of the information provider for Infolinks.
With these "Pros and Cons", I would recommend Infolinks to those website owners / administrators who have decided to integrate in-text advertising feature to their website.

About Infolinks: Establised in 2007 and backed by Prima Capital, Infolinks leads the In Text Pay Per Click advertising industry with the most attractive business model and guarantees the highest revenue sharing basis to all partners.


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